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Indian Army! You know when I went to school some fifty years back my experience of school was only that somebody would come open your head in the morning or in some contents of chemistry.

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then another guy will come and put pour in some physics and then you’d probably add some English to it shake you up and by the evening.

you all confused as to what you learned but what I’ve seen here this body is absolutely fascinating I didn’t know the education system which I always wondered what I mean are they doing the right things I’m absolutely floored by what I have seen here at the school despotic

and it’s it’s great pleasure and honor to be here today well I 38 years in the Union Army it’s a lifetime a lifetime which every morning had a different challenge every morning you learn something new you realize that you were part of a bigger system a part of a cause which we all reached out to there’s often a question which used to come to my mind as a child I was born into an army family.

my dad was also in the army unfortunately both my sons decided to desert me and didn’t join the army right but that notwithstanding I always felt that why is it that I sat at the same class in school with somebody else who today is an entrepreneur.

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I found somebody from my own school here this morning right also realized that an army javan he starts his journey from the same village which most of us grew up with they went to the same system they went through the same cause they had the same concerns their parents back home their children back home their wives the children who never saw their pair dad for their birthdays for the Diwali ‘s and their Holy’s then

how is it that this man when he came from the same stock went from the same schools and learnt the same lessons how is it that he has grown up into a man who’s willing to lay down his life you know motivation we all do motivation every organization but how is it that a person gets motivated to lay down his life to make the supreme sacrifice to be able to know

that when every morning when he gets up when he goes out on a mission when he steps out of his bunker or from his bed he may not return home the reason as I grew up growing up in service and I analyzed and I understood was that the Indian Army is not a job it’s not a profession it’s a way of life it’s a large family as the principal said sometime back.

the school is one family so are we a family that soldier has been brought up in a manner that he knows that tomorrow when he does not get back home his wife his children are going to be taken care of because they know that all of you this nation stands behind them.

so therefore his focus that shifts on to the mission that he’s given he knows that somebody is going to take care of his wife somebody is going to take care of his parents who are old they have the same problem which every parent has right his children

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he it’s can he also has concerned that will my child get admission in the school will he grow up to be a good human being but then he knows that everybody stand behind him and that’s why the focus in the Armed Forces is to make a soldier feel part of that family that large family which is going to take care of him so that he can forget his concerns and move on to the do the mission.

that he’s been assigned it’s not a very simple job I can’t tell him in the morning it’s not important that where they can run or he can climb a rope or not what is more important is to change his mental mindset to bring him on to make that supreme sacrifice

which the nation wants him to do the Indian army works in hostile environments some of these images that you see in front of you are areas with the Armed Forces operate we have the glaciers of seocheon 21,000 feet above sea level.

you have the dense jungles in the Northeast you have the deserts these are not areas which scared man he is there when you have floods he is there when you have the earthquake in utter Kashi he’s there when any kind of natural calamities take place he’s there

because he understands that there is a bigger cause for which this organization has been designed and where we have achieved what standards and what the nation expected them to do we need to focus on how we do these things from the day he joins he’s exposed to stories of courage valor of the heroes which the says authorization has produced every morning

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it is grim granted him as to how you can be like these people while have they achieved those glorious names every corridor in the Armed Forces you’ll have pictures of people who blade down their lives for the country

those are sources of inspiration you also have instilled in them that you’re part of a larger system we have an organization in the army and one very important role that is played is by the army wives they are a very important facet in our organization

there it’s not all about glamour it’s not about being part of the system it’s not about good parties and and with the adding good whiskey being served in army mrs. right these army wives every morning are there to guide doors families are going to be staying behind.

when their husbands are going to be doing their tasks there so that they don’t have to look back the army devised various system that the APICS level.

we made the army welfare education society right we set up schools all over the country we have educational institutions all over the country from from colleges of management hotel management nursing doctors everything for our own children so that they know that Yvonne knew that.

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yes I have somewhere where my children can be looked after I don’t have to worry about them it’s also important III personally have been on the governing body of the army welfare education society and we know that how much care is taken for all of them and we have not only these soldiers to look after but also what we term in the army has the VA ignores those who did not return their wives.

their children we have a very large community of disabled soldiers it’s amazing to see the number of you were you won’t even be able to imagine the number of people who face disability every year every day BIA.

we bring back bodies every day we bring back disabled people who either lost their limbs or are unable to see because of various facets which they have to go through so therefore the system in this our organization has engrained into we we have we have we have tried to make sure that they are able to carry out their duties unhindered and converted that rustic Javan

who came in from the same village that I did and grew up in the system to be able to lay down his life for the nation to lay down his life for a cause and let me also share with you a lot of the soldiers are not interested in the nation as such it’s the unit that we perform as art of it is the small little organization

that he takes pride in and that organization which has built up a self-esteem for him so to a soldier self-esteem is very important now what are the soil they expect from you I don’t know how many of you are familiar that about two years back our Prime Minister mr. Modi made out an appeal to the country to respect the soldier and he narrated to them

what he had seen in other countries in the United States even when you go to the airport first boarding on the flight is that for a soldier special announcements are made that please soldiers proceeding on the aircraft are allowed first boarding and first disembarking from from the aircraft and as this announcement is made whichever channel they are going through people rise and clap for them

that’s what grateful nation feels about their soldiers so what I was trying to bring out is that the soldier needs his esteem to be concerned I don’t know how many of us are willing to step out of a line in a cinema if you recognize and soldier and say ok come please move ahead of me it’s a message

which I want to share with you that for him if somebody recognizes that he is a soldier and that he is doing something different he’s doing something different for all of us it’s an it’s a greater motivating factor than anything that he’s been through.

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