How to concentrate on studies

How to concentrate on studies by Swami Vivekananda | 5 effective tips by swami Vivekananda

Today we are talking about How to concentrate on studies by Swami Vivekananda.

With the introduction of Indian culture with Western civilization.

How to concentrate on studies

Through his selfconfidence, selfesteem and decision to spread India to the whole world, he has changed the thinking of many countries.It’s incomplete if we do not talk about him today. He is very close to all of us. Swami Vivekananda . His birthday is on 12th January.

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Everyone knows that Swamiji’s birthday is called National Youth Day.

But do you know why is it said so?

–> Because when India was not independent, when India was suffering in rituals, Caste Reyroids continued. In that chaotic period, Swamiji had given self confidence by bringing the youth of the country together. He knew that this new society can take the country forward. So he guided the youth community, the path which is still followed by the youth of the country.

Even ravindranath Tangor has followed him. He is a hypocrite for the youth.

Therefore, his birthday is celebrated as National Youth Day. Even today, the time when India was not independent. The way in which he provided self-confidence and inspiration among the young society. The result of that is a developed India.

But today, when India has developed so much, has our young society cooperated with it? No, they have not cooperated. The reason for this is the lack of concentration and mental restraint in the present youth.

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That is why today’s youth society is saying, I’m not able to concentrate in study. I’m unable to concentrate on my important work. I’m losing interest within 15 minutes of studying the goal that I have set up.

I’m wandering from it repeatedly. Many such comments come to us. Really, these problems are obstructions. They are thoughts of the path that prevent our success. But it is also true that if you think about playing at the time of studying or you use the phone after every two minutes, then you will never feel like studying and your interest will also be lost due to which you will repeatedly wander from your goal.

Therefore, you have to concentrate. You need to have mental restraint.

Swamiji said the power of the mind is like the Sun’s rays when it is centered at one place, then only it shines. Friends.

When Swamiji went to Chicago religion conference one day he was going from rote. Then he saw that some boys were doing shooting practice by stabilizing their goal. But none of them could give the arrow in the goal. Then Swamiji went to them and said that he wants to try once.

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Then the boys started thinking that they are not able to shoot the arrow at the goal. Then how will this hermit will be able to do yet the boys allowed Swamiji to try and one by one Swamiji shooted 17 arrows at the goal.

The boys were surprised and asked Swamiji, how is it possible? Then Swamiji said that it is possible only when you fully engage in that work. That is 100% focus will be towards that work and not towards anything else.

So today from Swami Vivekananda’s perspective, we are going to gain an insight into what is concentration, how to increase concentration and the purpose of concentration.

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How to concentrate on studies

Concentration means focus. That is what you are doing. Your full concentration will be in that and you will not think about what is happening here and there.

Let’s hear one more story. In ancient times, while walking from the road one day a Yogisua person throws the fishing Rod in the pond to catch fishes.

The drip of the fishing Rod was sinking, which means a big fish has been captured in the fishing tackle. Right at that time the Yogi asked him, from which way can we go to Shampoo?

The person looked at the fishing tackle without answering the question of Yogi. And then after taking the fish to the land, he asked the Yogi, Are you saying something on the question of the Yogi’s way to Shampoo?

Again, he showed him the right path. After hearing this little story, you are thinking what kind of behavior it is. Someone is asking something and he is not giving the answer.

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But actually this is concentration. He was so concentrated in fishing that his mind was concentrated there. So he was not worried about anything else. Swamiji says that if you are concentrated on anything, then success is waiting for you there. If the work is centered with concentration,

then its result will be equally good. Concentration is of two types, unconscious concentration and conscious concentration. First of all, let’s look at what is unconscious concentration in it.

The mind is not concentrated by emphasizing or trying. In this, the mind is easily absorbed in any subject, especially the things you like to do. Concentration comes easily on those things like playing games on mobile, reading storybook, drawing, watching TV, using the mobile, etc.

Secondly, conscious concentration, without the help of willpower to stop the extroverted activities of the mind and to concentrate the mind on a particular object is called conscious concentration.

That is to remove other anxiety, feelings from the mind. And focusing only on one subject or object is conscious concentration in it. It is not easy to bring concentration quickly.

So Swamiji says, first of all, you should try to stabilize the mind on the topic of your choice. Then gradually, after increasing concentration and strength, you should focus your mind on a special object.

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So now the question is you cannot focus your mind on anything, whether it is studying or any other work. So how will you focus your mind?

1. make the mind calm

Let us know. Number one, make the mind calm. If you sit in a place according to your convenience and breathe conventionally that the mind becomes calm easily. necessary to practice meditation of a thin object such as body parts, legs, hands, face, etc.

2. conscious concentration

Number two, practice mind restraint in the beginning for five to ten minutes. In the first few days it is better to practice mind restraint for five to ten minutes and gradually increase the time according to your ability. But first try to concentrate your mind by thinking about the topic you like, the place you like or the view you like. In the beginning Swamiji used to increase his concentration by focusing on a black point.

3. pray to God

Number three, pray to God. The mind becomes stable on heartfelt prayer to God. Through prayer the work of meditation quite fulfills. The power of prayer is unendurable. With heartfelt prayer we feel the proximity of God. The glory of prayer has been given recognition in all religions of the world.

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4. favorite topics

Number four, favorite topics. In order to increase the interest in the favorite subjects, the urge to know increases in people which leads to concentration such as drawing, music, discussion, computer programming, etc. For so in the beginning try to concentrate by focusing on your favorite topics.

5. do the same thing at the same time every day

Number five, do the same thing at the same time every day. Yes friends, concentration increases by doing the same thing at the same time every day because at that time the mind is impatient to work. We have been listening since childhood. Practice makes a man perfect.

But a long time ago the same thing was said by Swamiji. If there is a habit of practicing day by day then this continuous effort of restraint becomes constant and the mind becomes focused.

However, Swamiji has said that as it is important to concentrate on any topic as well as it is also necessary to concentrate your mind by deflecting from that topic to other topics or objects. As it is necessary to concentrate on sports, it is also necessary that as soon as you return home from the field after playing you have to learn to deflect your mind from that.

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If you are still in the playground while studying after coming back from the playground then you will never get success. Therefore, Besides acquiring the ability to concentrate on any subject,

you should also have the ability to deflect your mind from that. Accordingly, only then you will be able to move towards success in life with concentration. So friends, this is the time. Get up, wake up. Go ahead.

Do not wait unless you reach the goal. Bring any one emotion into your mind. Make that emotion, meditation, knowledge, life of your existence. Live on it. Use your brain, your muscle and all the parts of your body to execute that emotion and keep each emotion separate from other feelings.

Success will be in this path only. As soon as you get success we will get more pleasure. Our goal is to take young society on the right track.

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Our question to you is what is the real name of Swami Vivekanent and by what name he was called in childhood that is what was his nickname? Tell me through comments. See you again next Saturday with the next video. Till then think positive. Do positive and go ahead. Thank you.

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