Easiest government exams

Top 10 Easiest government exams | Easiest central government exams | सबसे आसान गोवेर्मेंट जॉब्स

hello today we are talking about Top 10 easiest government exams.

Easiest government exams

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so in this Article i am going to help you about uh talk about some of the easiest government examinations and moreover these are central government examination and if you crack this examination you can go and join some of the best reputed center government jobs.

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so let us begin so i am going to talk to you about the top 10 easiest government examinations which is conducted across our country so the easiest government examination.

means so these are competitive examinations and these exams can be cracked very easily as compared to other examinations so this doesn’t mean that there will be there there is no need of any preparation but if you have some amount of general knowledge basic in mathematics some good english definitely you must try this because you will definitely crack this examination.

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usually these examinations have higher vacancies and also most of the candidates get selected for this post also so watch this video till the end to know each and every.

you can corner of these examinations and i will be updating the notifications or other important dates related with these examinations also so that will be very helpful for you so again i am saying if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure to subscribe to this Website so uh

what i mean means very easy examination means it doesn’t mean that it does not require preparation it may require a little bit of preparation or maybe some for extra brilliant students they do not require any preparation

they can directly go and write the examination and these examinations are conducted these examinations are taught as the easiest examination not as tough as some of the various other examinations that you may have heard of so if you crack these examinations.

you will be getting well payment and also it’s a good reputation so it’s worth trying so you almost try it.

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Easiest government exams

1. indian railways rrb

so let’s begin from come under group d in indian railways rrb this exam is conducted in only two stages namely a return test which is held on online mode and a physical efficiency test the question in the written test are considered very very easy the competitive examination is of 90 minutes duration has questions from general english section numerical ability reasoning and general awareness with a total of 100 marks so hoping you have got the pattern now

let’s go to the salary details and all the initial salary of a person selected in group d vacancy is nearly 20,000 and has also hra that is house and relevance dns elements da and overtime announced which means that

if you work overtime you will be getting paid for that also coming to the next one is rrb nd pc examination so you should definitely try this examination because i know a lot of candidates who are not so good in studies but have cracked this examination in the first chance very first chance

okay so either you can take a paper and pen and write down these important examinations whatever i will be updating the notifications dates or other important updates that’s okay but you can take a paper and pen and write down the important things

i am talking about the qualifications the salary details and all and then later you can go and check into the official website whether the job is suited for you whether you like the job

and if you would they like to get selected you can work out the previous year cost paper download it or whatever it may be you can do that so it’s all better to take a paper and pen so that it will be good for you to further desire which is which examination which easiest examination.

you should crack because what you think is good for you and what you think is a good reputed job okay

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2. rrb ntpc

so the rrb ntpc is the second one and this examinations has four stages of recruitment the first stage is tier one cbt a computer-based test the second is tire two that’s also a computer-based exam third is skill test and forces document verification and medical examination

there is no special interview or anything like that but in the final case there is a document verification and a medical examination so in the entire one usually most of the candidates qualify this tire so uh this is a very simple test and it’s a 100 marks and a duration of 90 minutes

and has questions from uh numerical ability called it’s quantity aptitude general intelligence and general awareness tier 2 is also for 90 minutes duration and has questions related to the same section with a total of 120 mark and this is considered to be one of the most easiest examination with a high package salary or so also the job is a little bit uh not that much risky or anything like that

so if you get recruited if you qualify all the four stages then you are given a package of rupees 20,000 and more and later on the payment will be hiked to about 30,000 to 40,000

and it may again increase as if any new commission or anything like that is coming so that’s you must try.

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3. ssc mds examination

coming to the third one is stop selection is coming stop selection commission is conducting mts multitasking for various posts

so this examination is also considered to be very easiest one this uh examination is conducted by ssc and is one among the premier establishments for recruiting government staff any candidates who passed attend the standard you need only matriculation can apply for the ssc mds examination recruitment process in this examination is also quite simple as it contains a cbt a computer based test and a descriptive test

then if you qualify you are selected so if cbt is held for 100 marks and you will have easy questions related to the common section that is english max that is quantitative amplitude general intelligence and general awareness so these are the common general topics in almost all examinations

so i will be talking just like this general topic only so these general topics including in the second stage is a descriptive test and if you either you will be getting a letter writing or an essay writing for 50 marks the duration is only 30 minutes so if you are getting selected

you are qualified for the job and the examination the salary is between 18 to 22,000 per month the candidates appointed through this exam are also eligible for various other relevances along with their salary

the best thing is that they would also be promoted after an initial service of three years you will definitely get frequent promotions so promotion means you are getting to a higher post and also your salary will be increasing

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4. ssc chsl examination

coming to the next one is ssc chsl examination fourth one the combined head secondary examination the staff selection commission ssc is conducting 12th level examination for recruitment to postal assistance data entry operators ld ,clerks and other employees for various ministries of government of india.

this exam is called uh one of the easiest examinations and has three levels first level is a cbt the second level is a written test and third level is a skill test the written test has simple questions in written tests for a 60 minute duration and 400 parts

the questions for the written test are from the general topics only the salary package of the candidates who gets recruited through this examination is rupees 36,000 and between 40,000 which is a very very good package as considered to other examination.

so this examination is considered to be one of the easiest examinations conducted across the country and also the person would move to the next level of hierarchy after five years of service you will be getting promoted.

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5. ssc conducts stenographer examination

the next one is ssc conducts stenographer examination the fifth one so this in this section there are two ways grade c and grade d this has two levels while the first level is a cbt.

the second level is a skill test the computer-based test is for 120 minutes duration and a total mark of 200.

question is of general topic and also there is the package of the job is between 34 and 45,000 this is a very good salary and other advantages that this post has less pressurizing work atmosphere on promotion stenographer can become private principal private secretary

so please note this i feel this is a very good opportunity ssc stenographer i will be updating with the notifications or other important informations are available

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6. Ibps clerk examinations

the next one the sixth one is Ibps clerk examinations so you know all about it you most of you are working for this ib pssb ipo rb read b know that so you may have even written also so for those who don’t know uh this examination is considered to be the sixth place as the easiest examination

uh this is for recruiting proportionately officers for bank is the uh sorry that’s one mistake uh this is this examination is rather easy than compared to the other examination proportionary officer and this examination has prelims mains and language efficiency test

prelims exams is for 100 marks and of 60 minute duration and has questions related to the general topic main section has 190 questions from english reasoning ability general financial awareness quantity aptitude for a total of 200 marks and the duration for the means examination is 2 hours 40 minutes.

this examination which is among the top easiest examination as a is a clerical job with a pair package of 30,000 per month.

7. Ibps specialist officer examination

coming to the next one ibps specialist officer examination ibps saw this is considered to be the seventh easiest exam examination and this is conducted to recruit so specialist officers like agricultural officer law officer raj safa adhikari in public sector banks this examination has only two stages prelims and mains prelims exams of law officer and raj fashion is for 125 marks and 120 minute duration

uh is that understood so questions in this prelims are asked from the general topic which i have already told you with a special focus on banking prelims for agricultural officer hrit marketing job experience is for 125 marks and for 120 minutes.

the questions are from general topic main section patterns are for law officer hr agricultural officer that all varies so that’s the salary is about 35,000 and more for s at a specialist officer

8. ctet

coming to the next one the eighth easiest examination is ctet that is central teachers eligibility test this is conducted by the cbse central board of secondary education to recruit teachers and special point is that this score and related certificate is valid for a period of seven years from the date of issue

candidates who pass this exam can apply for teacher jobs in central government schools kendra vidyaryas this exam has two purpose paper one and paper two while candidates who wish to become teachers for class one to four you can write paper one and those who become would like to become teachers from class 6 to 8 can write paper 2. applicants can also write

both the papers also paper 1 is for 150 minutes duration and 150 marks the number of questions asked in this examination are 150 and they are pertaining to child development and pedagogy language 1 language 2 mathematics and environmental studies

the paper 2 has study development and pedagogy language 1 language 2 mathematics or social sciences and is for 150 marks and the duration of the examination is 150 minutes candidates who pause this exam can get teachers off with a pair level of rupees 34,000 per month so which is definitely a good one.

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9. Lic apprentice development officer licado this examination

the next one is you all know about it the ninth one lic apprentice development officer licado this examination is conducted by one of the most well-known and profitable insurance company lic to recruit a apprentice development officer.

this examination has three stages problems mains and a personal interview the biggest plus point is that this examination has the reputation of being very easy and also has no negative marking in both problems and domains though there are questions related to english it is only qualifying in nature.

so this is a very good opportunity so people who feel they are not proficient in english must have to worry you just need to only qualify

so prelims has 100 questions for 100 marks and is for duration of 60 minutes with general topic mains exams has 150 questions with total 150 marks with general topic and with special focus on lic general awareness and english language with special focus on grammar and vocabulary

you can download the previous year custom paper and see how it’s been there so you are getting a very good salary that is in between 40 and 45,000 and also after an initial apprentice period of one year candidates will be promoted to proportionary development officer.

10. Psc examinations

so the next one is the 10th one is state psc examinations so public service commission conducts exam an examination for various good post so if you are getting into the some of the state government jobs.

you will be appointed in your state or like there is no overall interior transfer or transfer or anything like that and also which is considered to be uh one of the ecs exam examination

the questions in this exams are simple and from basic level english only mathematics general knowledge and local language in certain cases and is considered to be very simple and the syllabus and exam patterns vary from state to state and from various post to course it varies

so this is the most important article so share this important article with people who were waiting to get a government job for the past few years or but we’re not able to get the government job

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so share this article with them it will definitely help them in knowing.

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