Study time table of toppers

Study Time Table of Toppers 2022 | best Time Table of Topper Students

hi guys welcome to scrylearning in this Article we are talking about Study Time Table of Toppers.

how you can make your own timetable if you are preparing for UGC net English now let’s first look at why making a timetable is important because it is important because of several reasons reason number one is that it will take randomness away from your life if you have not made a timetable.

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Study Time Table of Toppers 2022

yet you might have reading this thing happening with you that even after studying for like two months you still question that domain image acumen a are okay but I am in it so all of that things happen in your brain.

if you have not made a timetable because if you have a timetable you can track your preparation you can track your progress QJ a custome a kanata next month may delay target on then you reach all those milestones and gradually you reach near your goal the second benefit from making a timetable is that it will help you to save your time and it will help you in organizing your preparation see guys.

it’s not about working hard it’s about working smart there are so many people who work hard but successful people work smart so if you want to be a successful man and if you want to clear this exam in first attempt.

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then it is important that you make a timetable so that it will save your time you will be able to give enough time to the important areas and you will be able to give lesser time to the less important areas.

if you don’t make a timetable you will somewhere feel that important areas neglect overhead lesser areas me you have devoted a lot of time and energy so that is the major use of making a timetable or a study schedule for that matter.

now let’s look at how you can make a timetable it will depend on 5 factors ok these are the factors that I have thought it might differ from a factor that you identify if you identify some other factor then do write that in the comment section below so that it can help other people as well.

according to me your timetable will depend upon five factors factor

Study Time Table of Toppers 2022 | Best Time Table of Topper Students

1. Available time

number 1. is that it will depend upon the time available to you.

for example if you’re preparing for net exam in which you just have two months so your strategy would be different if you’re preparing for a net exam in which you have four months the strategy would be different and if you’re aiming to give net in the next year.

that means you have about a year or six months in order to prepare for net then the strategy would be different so you guys it’s IPL season.

so it’s better if I give you a metaphor which can be related to cricket just like if a team wants to chase about 220 runs in 20 overs then their strategy would be different and if the same team has to only make 150 runs their strategy would be different.

okay so similarly it totally depends upon the time available to you.

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2. occupation

the second important factor on which your examination preparation or your exam timetable will depend is the occupation you are in – if you are pursuing your masters and you have to go college regularly then you know understand.

that you can only give a limited amount of time but if you are pursuing your MA from distance learning and you have a lot of time then you have to devote more time and you will be able to complete.

the course relatively earlier if you are a working professional you are doing a job you’re teaching somewhere or you are involved in any other job then you only have time.

after you come from of this so your study timetable will differ according to that and if you are not doing anything you are done with your masters and now your whole focus is on clearing the net exam then you have everything in your hands.

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3. personality

the third important factor on which your timetable will depend is your personality type does everybody is different in their own way and everybody studies in a different manner.

for example I am a kind of person who can study for 16 hours at a stretch and I’m not kidding friends that is a god-gifted thing to me whenever I do my note making thing I can study for a stretch of 16 hours without taking more than two or three breaks for lunch and dinner.

something like that okay but there are people who need frequent break okay then it will also depend upon whether you can study better in the morning or you can study better in the evening.

it’s about this theory called midnight hour are you midnight hour or you are a morning lark Capps who has other eating carpathia we are at masada purposive it will depend upon that it will also depend upon what kind of study you know method do you use do you study individually or you study in a group.

if you study in a group then your time and your timetable will vary according to the group members I used to always study in my secluded room and I used to study alone so my timetable would only depend upon me so personality type also plays an important role in preparing a timetable.

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4. level of preparation

the fourth important thing on which your timetable will depend is the level of preparation if you have already given net exam and you have like prepared almost the entire course then you might give less number of hours and you will might devote more hours in on revision rather than on making notes.

if you are attempting this net for the first time or for the second time and you still think that you have to cover a lot of syllabus then your study timetable will have more time devoted to making notes and learning things and less time to revising them.

5. source from which you are studied

the fifth and the last important factor on which your study timetable will depend is the source from which you are studied.

if you are studying on your own you are doing self-study then you have to devote a lot of time in understanding things in making notes in learning and then revising this is the kind of graph that will move.

now my role ends and your role starts your role is to learn those things because learning is something which is very personal to each and every person.

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once you’re done with the pointers you can just learn those pointers and you’re through and after every 7th day or eighth day you can just revise whatever you’ve learned in the entire week so this is how we go about with it.

why timetable is important?

ok snow since we have looked at why timetable is important wires study schedule is important and how it will depend on majority of factors or on different factors.

now let’s look at how you can actually make a study timetable and what all points you must remember if you are making a study timetable so the first thing that you must remember when you’re making a timetable for UGC net English is that the order of importance of the topics in the exam

most important and the last module is the least important order of importance is essential in order to keep in mind how much weighted each module has

for example more of the questions are asked from British volume so you must focus more energy in learning about British writers there are only few questions which are asked from literary groups and movement and very less questions as from history of English language and English language teaching so they are module nine.

second important thing that you must keep in mind is the order of your weakness every person has some of the other weakness.

when we are preparing for any competitive exam in English literature some people struggle with literary theory and criticism others struggle with post-colonial literature some are really bad at rhetoric Sandra sorry so whatever is your weak point you must devote some time in the morning every day in order to study the topics which are a part of the weak areas.

why in the morning because there’s a book by Stephen Covey wherein he has said that eat the various frog first sub say mush will comes sub-sahara morning mikaru

because your brain is fresh it will be able to register more it will be able to decode complex information and it will be able to give its hundred-percent the Ready Reserve in Cataumet i aapki brain key energy depleted out here like I was a very slow learner when it comes to maths.

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I used to study maths in the evening I used to actively struggle understanding the concepts that is because my brain kaepora energy time available nahi hota but whenever I used to do maths and the morning I used to actually understand each and every concept also you must remember that in the initial months of your preparation do give time to the weak areas.

because last month’s May exams of our naval a home gives time pay you will be so stressed out that you will not be able to actually devote enough time or you would not be able to you know put your 100% in the weak areas and if you don’t put your 100% in the weak areas.

it would be really hard for you to attempt the questions from those areas.

the third important thing that you must remember while making a study timetable is that you must focus on different subjects at the same time okay different modules that means you need to keep a combination of two or three subjects or two or three modules don’t study only one topic one age or one writer throughout.

the day you will get bored very easily that is why in schools we have periods which are different different subject in which we have been you know there’s a period of 50 minutes of English then the period shifts to max then to assess it then to science.

because our brain doesn’t like more nor to me and if you keep on doing same thing it will create monotony it will create bold them and somewhere after 2 or 3 hours you will lose interest and you will don’t feel like learning anymore

also you must remember that when you are making your study timetable every time devote some time for your leisure and for your you now entertainment purpose also because somewhere our mind gets drained out when we are studying so it is important to rejuvenate the mind as well.

the fourth important thing that you must remember while you are making a study timetable is that you need to balance have a balance between hard topics and easy topics for example if you try and take all the main Romantic poets in one day you will fail because Wordsworth Coleridge Keats Byron Shelley all of them together in one day it will create a havoc in your brain.

so you need to balance coach major writers Lolita puts minor writers region and then study them together so that arc of brain balance can find important or less important information cook okay so this these are few things that you must keep in your mind if you are making a study timetable now I will be giving you a sample timetable.

through which you can start your UGC net preparation in order to make a study timetable the first thing that you need to do is that you need to divide your day in four segments okay or you can divide all the activities that you do on a daily basis in four categories so let’s see what are those four categories number one is routine work all the routine work like batting sleeping eating.

then we have traveling then routine works like if you are a homemaker then you need to cook food for children you need to you know invest time in cleaning the house if you were professional then going to office will come under the routine work so routine work will have all the areas will cover all the areas that you have to do regularly maintain and schedule karma.

they just give in and you cannot live all those work will come under the routine work the second category is urgent work now in spite of the fact that we are preparing for a competitive exam there are times when you have to do certain works which will not help you in the exam some work.

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which are important in order to fulfill your family responsibilities or to fulfill your daily life functioning for example agar aapke terminal – Tata so it doesn’t matter whether you are studying of course of sapele Tapco fix carbonara so that will come under the urgent work

that needs to be addressed urgently then if you have to pay the fees of your college or school and you have to go there in order to fill he formalities then that will come under the urgent work there is some urgent family function that you have to attend you cannot skip Behati close relative to shaadi hey I could say that will come under the urgent work the third category is your study time

the activities that concerns with your UGC net preparation be it making notes be it revising the itslearning be it listening to audio lectures be attending some coaching class and the fourth important segment that we all love is entertainment and time wasters just Mahara subsys other time chela’s other them kardea.

they contain all the activities which will not help you in your life okay now as like me tell you where the problem lies the problem doesn’t live with the fact that we don’t have time we all have 24 hours the most brilliant minds in the world are also having 24 hours.

and we also have 24 hours we have players like Vishwanathan Anand who have done such miraculous work in the field of chess and he too has 24 hours and we also have 24 hours the only different is that Vishwanathan Anand and great men who are there in this world now or who were there as a part world earlier they all invested their time in the right pockets out of these four categories they made sure that

they invest their time in the category of study or work whichever currently we need to devote time to study later we can devote time in making career or in our job so our efficiency our life depends upon the time that you invest in the third pocket

so make sure that you are able to delegate certain works which are falling in the urgent work category if you can give it to other people ho can do it for you you can tell it to your parents you can tell it to your colleagues if they can help you out with it so that majority of the time you can devote in the study category.

you can devote maximum time in studying for UGC net guys I know it’s IPL season there are great cricket Lauer’s will watch I appeal for like four hours five hours every day but understand in your peak Arvind you have to study you are watching IPL whereas Virata Kohli my Indra Singh Dhoni they are in their peak are they are making their career so that’s the difference that lies with us

they are investing their time in making their career and we are investing our time looking at them and not getting anything in return so ou must remember that this is high time and you must invest your time on which you want to build your life on

there’s a famous saying which says that on which you invest your time it grows.

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you devote your time in watching YouTube videos of hilarious videos comic videos you know watching comic gurus or watching stand-up comedians up give a plainness party toy but that will not help you in your exam.

so what is important is that every day you cannot skip the routine work you have to do it then the second thing is that the get done with the urgent stuff though things OB urgent caramels then K do it first so that of octopus your time budget ahead that time you can invest on your studies

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and at the end if you are able to do match your target the study target of that day then reward yourself by doing something from the fourth aspect which is the time those are entertainment category if you like watching movie and you are able to complete your syllabus on time that day syllabus or that days target on time then do give yourself a reward by watching a movie so problem doesn’t lie with this problem lies

when you invest four hours in watching a movie and then study for one hour it is everytime acceptable if you study for four hours and then give one are for your entertainment it’s alright but then the process get reversion that is the problem with most of the students.

so I hope I was able to make something clear in your mind and you’ll be able to now know how to build your own timetable depending upon the factors that I’ve mentioned.

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