Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022

Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022 | 6 Powerful tips | 2022 बोर्ड परीक्षा की तैयारी कैसे करें?

are you preparing for your board exams? are your board exams coming soon? then this Article is just for you!

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Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022

i would like to share top five strategies on how you can prepare for your board exams

my tips are going to be very simple and practical so you can easily apply them and be sure to read the entire Blog because i’m going to share a bonus tip at the end tip number one make the board exam paper your friend just like you know your friends well what they like what they don’t like similarly practice previous year’s question papers so that you become familiar with the board exam pattern.

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it’s important to know what types of questions are asked what is the weight age of marks what is the marks distribution and all of that so please make sure

1. practice previous year’s board exam papers

you’re practicing previous year’s board exam papers now there are lot of books available on previous years question papers and sample papers out of all those books i would highly recommend the oswald books because their solutions are really good and correct they also have the toppers answers which will help you understand how to write answers well and what would a good answer.

so you can check it out lot of students practice board exam papers in the last moment like just one week before the exam so here’s an important tip do it right now because before you’re studying you know what to expect how to study and what is important for your board exams.

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2. take one day to make a timetable

now you may be thinking why should i waste one day trust me it’s going to be worth it now how do you make a timetable very simple first check how many subjects you have let’s say you have english hindi maths science social science and computers so that’s six subjects so you can put one subject for each day and then the extra day which is sunday you can keep for the most difficult subject let’s say it’s maths or because maybe the syllabus is very big so you reserve the sunday an extra day for the subject you have the most to study now because

you’re studying one different subject per day you won’t get bored it’s going to be a focus day for that subject now look at the number of chapters in each subject and the number of days.

you have so you know how many chapters you need to complete in one day because it’s very important to keep a target a target will help you achieve it so remember plan and make a timetable.

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3. complete the incomplete

i’m sure you have chapters remaining that you haven’t completed or not done so well be sure to complete these chapters first because once you’re done you’ll feel more confident and relaxed that the syllabus is finally over so don’t leave the scary topics till the end and to help you revise any topic or clear your concepts.

4. don’t believe the rumors

there are always rumors like this topic is sure to come in this exam or this came last year so this topic won’t come these are just rumors.

don’t believe them study all the chapters and all the topics don’t leave out anything and now during this covet times there are rumors that exams could get further postponed my advice for these type of rumors is take it in through one year and take it out of the other year because these things are not in our control so better not to waste time with them don’t be distracted from your goal and what’s your goal to give your best preparation for your board exams so my suggestion don’t believe these rumors.

5. The 55 plus 5 formula study for 55 minutes

and then take a power break for 5 minutes do this every hour that you’re studying 55 minutes be focused and study with full energy and then relax for five minutes you can drink water get up from your chair walk around in the house or listen to your favorite song just one song and then get back to studies a five minute break does not mean check whatsapp or watch television because that five minute break is going to turn out to be a one hour long break which you don’t want so use this 55 plus 5-minute formula to study efficiently and with full energy and make this a habit.

now for our bonus tip which is compete with yourself don’t worry about getting full marks in your exam.

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6. don’t think about beating your friends

compete with yourself this is something i’ve always followed and believed in because true satisfaction is knowing that you gave your best and only you know that so compete just with yourself and give it your best shot.

so here’s a quick recap of the tips that we discussed Board Exam Preparation Tips 2022

tip number 1 make the board exam paper your friend i have put a link to the oswald books below where you can get books on previous year’s solve question paper shit.

tip number 2 take one day to make a timetable that will be your most useful day.

tip number 3. complete the incomplete complete the remaining portions of your syllabus.

tip number 4 don’t believe the rumors they will just distract you from your goal.

tip number 5 use the 55 plus five formula every r study with full energy for 55 minutes and then take a five minutes break.

and finally our bonus tip compete with yourself and go give it your best shot i hope you found these tips useful do let me know what was your favorite tip by putting it in the comments below wishing you all the very best for your board exams.

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i’m sure you’ll do well keep the momentum going and keep studying and if you like this blog do hit the subscribe button for our website right now and do share this blog with your friends.

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